1. Are you happy with the quality of your reports and the time it takes to prevent them?
  2. Is your intellectual property and confidential client data on your company computers safe? How do you know?
  3. Do you or your team have the skills to monitor and manage the information newspapers, bloggers or your adversaries may post about you or your business online? Are you in charge of your online reputation or you are leaving it to fate?

Participate in our one day special summitESSENTIAL TOOLS training covering three critical modules:


Productivity training customized for lawyers, accountants and Bankers. Know how to research, automate common tasks and improve your team’s report writing skills and transform your brand through high impact reports. If you use a computer, this training is a must attend!


Prevent Data leakages and ICT security breaches by learning about common cyber security breaches, data loss and schemes of hackers that lead to financial loss and how to prevent them. This training is critical to top management team including the Board as well as general staff for improved cyber hygiene. As a bonus; we train the team about the new Data Privacy and protection Act 2019 (DPPA) and individual staff roles in compliance. This will help you improve Data privacy and prevent possible losses which could arise due to non-compliance with the law. Are all your staff aware of their roles in DPPA?


In this competitive times, bad news, coverage articles by mainstream media or bloggers or dissatisfied customers could affect your brand and institutional reputation. There is increased risk of fake news. You need a clear strategy to anticipate and manage such. Our online reputation management services will give you practical tools to protect yourself and be in charge of your digital footprint.

The training shall be facilitated by Microsoft and Cyber Security experts with case studies and experience sharing. Our capacity for the next intake is limited to 10 – 15 persons. First come, first enrolled.  This training is also available to you in-house. Please contact us to schedule training at your offices.

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To have our experts, conduct this course in-company at your offices customized to your business, click here >>

To sponsor the event, contact Ojilong Ronald On +256776070487 or email: ecommerce@summitcl.com


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