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1. Are your anti-fraud policies up to date? 2. Who is your anti-fraud champion? 3. Have you defined the fraudulent behaviors? 3. Are biannual fraud awareness trainings done?

Most entrepreneurs have ideas, and can make more money. But the problem still persists; lack of access to cheap funds.

7 steps to IFRS 9 validation. Comply to BoU reporting  requirements

Every Business Should Have Plan B

Do you know what kind of emergencies might affect your company.

The spectrum of sexual Harrasment at work

This spectrum is to help you define and differentiate the types of gender-based offenses at work.

The Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass

Strategic opportunities for new venture can be categorised along wo dimensions

The 7 key roles of the Board in a BCP/DR Agenda

The 7 key rolse of the Board in a BCP/DR Agenda​

Every Busniess Should have Plan B

You can not tell what can happen to plan A

The 4 types of Competition

Use this 2×2 to identify which currently exposes you to the greatest challenge

The communication issues that prevent effective Leadership

91% percent of employees say communication issues can drag excutives down

Learn the Art of Growing Your Business

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The state of banking in Uganda 2022

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