In the footsteps of an ethical hacker

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I was born and raised in the army barracks. While growing, my father, a soldier told me all sorts of stories whenever he returned home from the battle. Wives to the soldiers were always on the alert for any updates from the battlefields and so was my mother.

After nine months away from home, my father finally returned. I saw the joy on my mother’s face. She prepared his favorite dish; posho and fresh fish. after the meal, it was story time as usual. I wanted to get a feeling of what happens on the battlefield. So, I asked; “dad, how do you and your team survive the army?”

Do you want me shot and killed?” he jokingly asked. Of course, no, I replied. I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to you. He pulled me close into his arms. “My son, to win in the war, you need the right weapons,” he said. The army has got the armory. Not all the weapons in that room are necessary for the war. You need the art to know which machine to use at what time and when. If your enemy is widespread, you don’t need a bomb. You need a machine gun. The bomb would cause damage to only a few and therefore wasted. “The ability to gather the right intelligence about the enemy, determine the right weapons is the secret that has kept my team,” concluded the story.

Just like my father, a soldier so is an ethical hacker. He has many tools at his disposal; open-source and off shelf. The art to know the most appropriate tool is what differentiates you from an average ethical hacker. So, which tools do you need when conducting penetration testing?

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