In these tough times, empower others

Today I received a call from a car salesperson. I decided to play along. Sometimes salespeople are looking for a small break. Something to give them hope of a better tomorrow. Your words may make or break their careers. We need to learn to be diplomatic in the way we reject offers.

As a consultant, I am a salesperson. When I write a proposal and fail to get a response, I feel bad. However, when the prospect calls or writes back explaining why your proposal was not successful this time, it shows professional courtesy but we improve a lot from such encounters. That is why, this year I decided to take it easy with folks looking for opportunities, just any opportunity.

No more cold responses. Whether it is a hawker or a job seeker, I will give them time. Listen to them out. And offer guidance on how to sell to me next time.

Below is my telephone conversation with a car salesperson. It feels good that he left the call happy and in high spirits.

Caller: Is this Mustapha B Mugisa?

Me: Yes. Who is calling?

Caller: I am xx from xx car bond. I understand you sometimes have car needs. We sell and also rent good cars depending on your needs and what you can afford. Would you be interested?

Me: Yes, sure. Which cars do you have?

Caller: Sir, which cars do you prefer? A Mercedes, Jeep or Toyota, or other? Which one?

Me: A jeep would be fantastic. But I am sure it is not pocket friendly.

Caller: Do not worry sir. We can even arrange for you a financing plan so you can pay slowly.

Me: Wow, that is cool. How do I see the cars you have?

Caller: Send me your number. I can have a driver bring a registered car of the type you want to drive for a day! All you will have to do is to put fuel.

Me: Is that real?

Caller: Yes, if you are serious and need the car. It is real.

Me: How do I show seriousness?

Caller: Discussing the car you prefer. Agreeing on the payment terms. And if you can afford it, you pay a deposit of Ugx. 500,000 and you have a car.

Me: I love cars. And I like the way you talk. In case I am unable to afford one, I will share your contacts with our finance person in case they need to hire a car. Also, I will recommend my friends to call you in case they need a car. Thanks a lot and cheers.

Caller: Thank you so much. You are a great man. You have made my day. Sometimes it is not about making the actual sale. But finding strangers who understand and value our work. Much appreciated.

Insight: In these Covid-19 times, you need to give hope to people! In the past, I would have told the caller that I am not interested. But that could kill their morale and affect their future sales.

It takes maturity to realize that you have to give out more positive energy instead of killing others’ dreams. Give others the confidence to make more calls.

Buyers, we need to learn how to give feedback. Be professional, humane.

It is good to say no. But you can do it in such a way that the person does not remain hopeful of a sale from you, but are confident of your intentions and how you will support them to achieve their dreams. This seems to be the best life satisfaction – helping other folks achieve their dreams.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy 2021. All rights reserved.

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