Insurance and fraud investigations

Insurance u0026amp; Fraud Investigations

When insurance examiners suspect fraud, Summit Consulting is in a position to assist. Summit Consulting supports inquiries relating to suspected fraudulent or criminal activity, such as arson, false workers’ disability claims, staged accidents, unnecessary medical treatments, false life insurance claims or collusion with dishonest doctors, lawyers, and even insurance personnel.

Working with in-house Chartered Accountants/Finance specialists, Summit Consulting provides corporations with reports detailing and quantifying loss and comparing these with actual claims.

Summit Consulting experts perform digital forensics, gather electronic evidence and review transactions with sensitivity and urgency. Be it an investigation of a business or a person, Summit Consulting prepares reports on possible scenarios and assesses applications and insurance claims to detect and deter fraud.

Summit Consulting helps with:

1.Investigating financial reports
2.Measuring losses
3.Conducting surveillance and activity checks
4.Forensic accounting and embezzlement investigations
5.Preparing regulatory compliance strategies
6.Evidence documentation
7.Discreet Inquiries
8.Analyzing suspicious vendor activities
9.Background checks of individuals

Summit Consulting supports claim investigators with field inquiries and site visits. These investigations can be initiated covertly or overtly.