It can’t happen here… part 3

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Forensic Investigations, the Summit way

We never end meetings with a prospect, without agreeing on the next steps. From our meeting with the NGO’s Chief of Party on 3rd July 2020, we had agreed on initially conducting a Forensic investigation to establish who did What, When, Where, and How. Subsequently, we would guide the NGO in adopting a pro-active anti-fraud program at the institution. In the Summit way, we set out to meet the NGOs needs using a three-phased approach ACT – Assess, Change, and Transform. The Forensic investigation would be part of the “Assess” phase – a precursor for the “Change” and “Transformation” phases. Want to find out how we do it? Read on…

Conducting a Forensic Investigation

To the uninitiated, a forensic investigation sounds like conducting an ordinary audit. Nope. That’s incorrect. Forensic investigations are specialist assignments. They require detailed knowledge of not only fraud investigation techniques but also the law. Investigators must have received thorough training in suspect interview and interrogation techniques, as well as how to maintain the safe custody of all evidence gathered.

But why Summit Consulting?

Why did the NGO client contact us? Why does the name Summit Consulting spring in the minds of so many leaders whenever a need for Forensics services arises? Forensic disciplines are many. At Summit Consulting, we are leaders in Accounting and Computer forensics experts. To many, our services are unmatched! To understand why read on…

Step 1: Engagement

To deliver value, we accept only engagements for which we have the necessary skills and experience. For example, a Forensic pathology assignment is not ours. Prior to signing the engagement letter, we also consider whether or not the assignment is barred by other ethical considerations – because some are. For example, unless strong safeguards are in place, we may not undertake a forensic investigation for an NGO to whom we are offering management support services.

Forensics provides you with all the facts you need but this does not come cheap! The fees negotiated do not only compensate for the specialist nature of the work and the specialist teams but also many other considerations.

It’s always great to work with clients who know what they want. Our engagement process with the client NGO was seamless.

In the next article, we will look at how we planned the investigation, gathered evidence and reported.


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