Key issues for mobile money regulation

What salient issues should be included in the regulation of mobile money?

The Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) all-share indexes dropped to 1554.88 from 1558.50 on Monday. In similar fashion, the Local Share Index dropped to 364.18 from 386.53. Although it was a quiet day with only three busy counters, Umeme moved a massive sh3b for 11.6 million shares. However, the discussion today is on mobile money. Ugandans and several firms have adopted mobile money as a means of storing their money and transacting. Mobile money transactions hit sh14.8 trillion in September 2018, with Ugandans holding balances worth sh1.2 trillion on their accounts. Mustapha Mugisa, a forensics expert at Summit Consultants, spoke to the New Vision’s Samuel Sanya about why Uganda needs robust mobile money regulations and a public mobile telephone company

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