Lesson 5: Randomising an Excel List

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Now that you have learned how to reverse an Excel List, let’s extend our creativity further and learn how to randomise (shuffle) a list in Excel.


For example, we want to randomise the list below.

  • Download the zip archive Randomise-list, extract and open file “randomize-list.xlsx”
  • Select cell C1 and insert the RAND() function.

  • Click in cell C1, locate the fill handle and drag it down to cell C5.

  • Click any number in the list in column C.
  • On the Data tab, click ZA.Result. A random list. (Sorted on the random numbers).

Please note that yours may differ from mine year since the numbers are randomised each time a sheet is calculated.

Thant’s it folks. We shall meet again in the lesson: Sorting a range using a custom list Enjoy!



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