Loss Prevention Measures

Loss Prevention Measures

SCL advises and helps implement protective measures to secure companies and organisations against the loss of information. Failure to safely protect corporate information may cause or compound problems of counterfeiting, piracy, parallel trading and product theft and diversion.

Criminal organizations and commercial competitors can turn to many tactics in their pursuit of information or a competitive advantage, and may resort to:

•Corrupting insiders – bribery, blackmail and extortion
•corrupting former employees so that they reveal trade secrets
•Hiring current employees
•Tapping customers for information
•Infiltrating the company
•Electronic interception. This list is endless.

At Summit Consulting Ltd, we provide an number of measures to combat these threats.

We help in:

•Risk analysis, threat assessment and independent security audits
•Review of standard distribution and supply practices
•Written policies and procedures
•Employee conflict of interest and anti-fraud declarations
•Screening of staff, exit interviews and employment termination procedures
•Training and awareness – instilling a “need to know” ethos
•Non-disclosure agreements with employees, vendors and contractors
•Due diligence/financial profiling of business partners
•Controlled storage and destruction of sensitive materials
•Media and public affairs policy and procedures, pre-publication reviews
•Auditing intellectual property and other intangible assets
•Incorporating “right to audit” clauses in contracts with suppliers and customers
•Monitoring the internet u0026amp; e-mail
•Computer backups and audit trails
•Security measures – encryption, firewalls, etc.
•Use of telephone hotlines
•Contingency planning
•And many more solutions depending on the particular client’s needs