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Sell more on a small marketing budget using summitMEDIA Marketing Tools. If you don’t have deep pockets and strong captive clientele like your competitors, how do you attract and retain clients? You must act NOW.

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Make your Brand Compelling


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Transform your brand, your online presence and marketing brochures so that you sell more through effective positioning. Your business sector is very competitive. You must urgently review your marketing copy like business cards, brochures, banners and embrace a digital agenda to tap into new clients and retain existing ones and put money on the table.

Do you struggle to get more clients as you worry about how to pay bills, rent and salaries? Do the following concern you and your enterprise?

  1. Is growing your customer base too complicated?
  2. Are all your staff sales champions?
  3. Is retaining your customers a tough thing to do?
  4. Are high costs and bloated payroll chocking your business?
  5. Is your website making you money or not?
  6. Are your marketing materials clear about what you sell?
  7. Are you struggling to get new leads and referrals?
The best insurance sales training that PRACTICALLY transforms your sales Agents into effective deal CLOSERS…
Ronald Batanda
Insurance Sales Manager, UAP 2014

Build Fast, Convert More, and Spend Less

All in one place

Need to improve your website?

Turn your website into a sales person and sell even while your sales staff are asleep. Manage your on-line reputation so that when they Search about you or your company, only what you want the public to know comes up!

Keep your customers closer through a monthly newsletter that customers read. Sell more on a shoe string budget. Drive traffic from your social media accounts to your website and turn friends into customers.


Increase deposits, grow bank accounts and give credit to customers who will pay back


Clarify your message. Nurture team work. And increase your production efficiencies.


Develop a practical resource mobilization strategy. Increase unrestricted incomes.

Hotels & Restaurants

Attract customers like a magnet. Focus on making a great meal. We shall get you people to buy it.

Real Estate Agents

Find property buyers easily. Create a powerful brand. Set yourself a part of the pack and sell more

Commissions & Agencies

Clarify your message. Keep stakeholders up-to-date via web, social media and print.


Increase your production. Reduce your Claims Ratio. Let Your Agents Come Back Smiling with new policies.

Professional Firms

(Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers and Doctors) Transform your firm


Redefine your brand. Make your Website a Salesman even while you sleep. Attract clients like a magnet with digital tools.

Clinics & Hospitals

Transform your practice using digital tools. Empower your clients to practice proactive medication and make more money.


Get a schoolERP and transform. Optimize your school captive market and diversify revenues. Rebrand and issue quality report cards


Transform your sales team. Grow customers and keep them with quality customer care. Engage your customers so they spend more again and again

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