No brand is an island why you need to undertake a survey

Are your customers talking good or bad about your Bank?

When James Isoke went to open a savings account at a bank branch in his hometown of Kawempe, he told the salesperson he needed an account for his daily financial needs.

He explained the account should be one where it’s easy to move money into and out of. The salesperson recommended a current account.

However, he didn’t disclose the costs associated with the type of account. The salesperson was quick to recommend a current account.

However, he did not disclose the costs associated with this type of account. James the bank a dissatisfied customer.

He spread the same bad experience to 100 people!

No matter what service or product customers are getting from your Bank, they all want a good customer experience. You must set the standards above the bar to make them think ‘wow’!

In this increasing competitive banking sector, coupled with piling pressures from telecoms, customers are on the look for tailored services with a personalized and seamless experience.

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of what great customer experience feels like and more vocal when they don’t receive it. They need to feel they are respected and engaged. It is why it’s important for your organization to undertake an intelligent survey to create a unique experience for the customers.

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