Know Who, did What, Why, When & How.

summitINVESTIGATE Services

Are you a victim of fraud? Are you working too hard and cannot see where the money goes? Are you a subject of an investigation?

Get peace of mind.

summitINVESTIGATE helps you get all the facts so that you know the truth. In business, acting on opinion, hearsay and audit reports is not advisable. As forensic investigators, we leave no stone unturned. Every transaction matters.
Do you want to know the truth? Our forensics expert will help you know who did what, where, when and how. We investigate IT, cyber and general staff frauds. We will help you save on legal courts, protect your reputation and first track your case. Never again will you beg staff to resign even when you know they stole from you!
Are some of your ex-employees threatening your reputation? Worry no more. We help dig all the facts. We conduct fraud and forensic investigations in line with the laws of Uganda. Our investigators are available support your case as expert witnesses. We handle over 20 fraud investigation cases in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa annually.

Why Choose Us?

Know What is leaking

Know What is leaking. Where it is leaking. Who is causing the leak. And What the leak is costing your Organisation. Know Who did what. Where. When. How and Why.

We are leaders in forensics and cyber investigations for banks, telecoms, NGOs and top legal firms interested in solving cases for their clients.

You deserve to know the truth.

At Summit Consulting Ltd, when we accept to take on your case, we undertake to investigate from inception to case closure – collect critical evidence along the way and get to the bottom of the issues keeping you up at night. Leaders who make decisions based on facts are better leaders than those who rely on hearsay or opinion.

We are the investigators of last resort.

Whether it is a theft (physical break-in or loss of physical assets investigations) or fraud (financial crime and misrepresentation or abuse of trust leading to losses) we have the answers. Our cyber security and forensic lab with digital forensic and big data analytics capabilities will provide you with a one stop solution for all your investigation needs.

Any thing keeping you up at night? Talk to us. We'll get it fixed

Cyber Crime

We investigate cybercrime, so you know who is stealing from you, how, why and how much has been lost thus far. Investigations are highly confidential assignments.


We investigate anonymous emails, so you know who cyber stalking is you and why. We give you facts, so you know the truth.

Special Security

We conduct background checks and due diligences on people, companies and businesses so that your prospective business partners and employees are who they say they are.​