ACFE Africa Year-End Networking Event on 16th November 2023 at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo

Greetings from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Uganda Chapter (ACFE Uganda Chapter). At the ACFE Africa Chapter Leaders meeting held on 17th May 2023 in South Africa, the ACFE Uganda Chapter was selected to host the ACFE Africa Year-End Networking Event which is scheduled to take place on 16th November 2023 with the theme: “Managing Fraud Risks through Collaborations.” This prestigious event will coincide with the Annual International Fraud Awareness Week that runs from 12th to 18th November 2023. As you may be aware, public and private sectors alike continue to suffer the negative effects of fraud and corruption that undermine the National Development Agenda and service delivery.


The ACFE Africa Year-End Networking Event provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices in the field of fraud prevention and detection, fostering collaboration, networking, and addressing corruption risks in Africa. Top experts at the forefront of fraud risk management meet with leaders and policymakers to share experiences and practical insights to strengthen anti-fraud and corruption governance. Uganda is honoured to host this event which will feature a keynote speech, and high-level talks facilitated by leading anti-fraud, forensics, security, and governance professionals from all over Africa. As our partner, you can choose a topic of your interest. The Uganda Chapter ACFE team will speak to your EXCO and management (virtually or physically) on any topic about fraud of your choice (see appendix 1) during the fraud awareness week from 12th-18th November 2023. The talk is complementary by the ACFE Uganda Chapter and this saves your organization UGX5M instantly! Do let us know your preferred time.


We extend an invitation to your organization to participate by either sponsoring the event or nominating your staff to attend the conference. Your participation will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution and overall success of the ACFE Africa Year-End Networking Event. For more details see attached. Together, Reducing Fraud in Uganda!


Yours faithfully,

Bernabas Mustapha Mugisa, CFE.
President, Uganda Chapter, ACFE

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