Resource mobilization using digital tools training for NGO’s

For a third year in a row, BRAC (Formerly the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), the largest NGO, continues to be the leading NGO in the world, according to NGO Advisor. To gain this spot, BRAC leadership asked; “How can we transform community service work, when we rely on donor funds?”

The answer was simple: Become pragmatic, adaptive, and very responsive to stakeholder needs. Top on the agenda was leveraging online and social media to rally stakeholders to work as a team. They focused on [over] communicating BRAC milestones and impact aggressively. The result is a strong organization with several income generating projects globally.

What digital journey are you starting today?

This is to invite you or your staff to a resource mobilization training based on our #summitMEDIA Toolkit. Let your staff learn how to search for donors, promote your success stories online and attract partners to win. You will learn how to attract and retain donors and stakeholders and transform your online presence so that you engage more through effective positioning.  Learn the secrets of using your website and social media for impact to win and be attractive to prospective donors and partners.

Alternatively you may have your team attend a custom in-house training on “Digital Agenda Transformation to grow your organization” based on our #summitMEDIA Toolkit that covers business model, online reputation; web and digital strategy (see the attached training schedule).

When:20th March, 2020 and thereafter, every third Friday of the month (8:00am-4:00pm)
Where:Institute of Forensics and ICT Security located on 4th Floor Ntinda Complex, Block B, Plot 33, Ntinda Road (Opp. St. Luke Church)
Why:Learn how to develop clear digital strategy, set online priorities and convert your social media followers and website visitors to customers. Stop leaving money on the table.
Fee:USD200 per person inclusive of refreshments

The training shall be facilitated by Digital Marketing experts with case studies and experience sharing. Our capacity for the next intake is limited to 10 – 15 persons. First come, first enrolled.

Call Ronald Ojilong, #summitMEDIA Manager on +256 776 070487, +256 414 231136, or email:

Click here to go to the course page and register

Transform your organization: NGOproposal.pdf (114 downloads )


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