How effective is your #covid19 response and recovery strategy?

Is your coronavirus pandemic response strategy adequate?
Are you in control of the pandemic or the pandemic is controlling you?

This pandemic just happened. It has since changed many things.

  1. It has changed the way we live. No close contact with friends amid restricted movements.
  2. It has changed the way we work. For many, from offices to home. We deliver remotely.
  3. It has changed the way teams gather, the way we communicate and connect.
  4. Today, onsite events and meetings have turned into virtual ones. Global gatherings are no longer physical, but virtual.
  5. #covid19 has changed our living spaces. Homes have been turned into boardrooms and schools. Teachers have changed the way they reach out and teach learners.
  6. Religious leaders are delivering sermons in ways never imagined before.

Everyone is asking, “How can we stay engaged even when we are separated? How can we deliver value amid this disruption? How can we be in control of the pandemic and not be controlled by it?

The answer is your #covid19 response and recovery strategy.

  1. How effective is your #covid19 response and recovery strategy?
  2. Are you still in triage or initial phase or in recovery and growth mode?
  3. What changes have you made to your business to respond to the new normal?
  4. How can we lead the team remotely and effectively manage performance?
  5. What will tomorrow bring?
  6. What tools can we use to navigate these challenging times?
  7. What choices can one make today?
  8. How shall we win?
  9. How do we continue adding value to our stakeholders?

If you would like to have better answers and discover the Four Steps Model to win amid a pandemic, join our upcoming webinar on Covid-19 recovery and response strategy on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 at 12:00 pm EAT. It is a 45 minutes duration discussion to share experiences of how we have worked with other leaders to develop their #covid19 recovery and response strategy.

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