Strategy Formulation

The measure of a great strategy is in the ease in its implementation. Is your strategy execution clear or it is like a research paper?

We meet company executives with a document called “strategic plan.” But when you ask: “what is your strategy in your strategic plan?” the answer is always not easy. Developing a document and calling it a “strategic plan” is one thing. Having clear choices that are aligned to stakeholder interests, culture and organizational structure is a different thing altogether.

Whether you need to review your current strategy, or formulate a new one, you are in the right place. Our strategy formulation and execution support services is based on:

  1. The Five must answer questions for a winning strategy, based on playing to win, blue ocean strategy, and balanced score card insights.
  • What is your winning aspiration?
  • Where will you play?
  • How will you win?
  • What capabilities do you need?
  • And what management systems do you need
  1. Aligning the strategy, to structure and to the balanced score card for effective execution and performance measurement. You will learn how to create clear objectives, activities, KPIs, and responsibilities clearly linked to your strategy and strategic areas of focus. As a CEO, this makes your leadership role easier as your team can easily be held accountable.
  2. The Board and top management’s role in effective strategy formulation u0026amp; execution will be clearly explained and discussed

Align your structure and team effort to execute your strategy. The measure of any great strategy is in the ease of implementation.  You will learn why many strategies fail.

Case study: medical supplies ltd

A lot of things had changed suddenly at one of Summit Consulting clients, we may refer to Medicals Supplies Ltd (not real name) and before long: the Board was faced with a hard to neglect fact: performance was declining sharply and the shareholders were noticing.

That was in March 2013.  It came after key leadership changes. Appointment of the new Board Chairman; led to the removal of the company’s Managing Director; as the board was not satisfied with her presented strategy. This sudden change in leadership plunged the company into a crisis as staff become anxious.

And that was not enough: the newly recruited MD; came with a whole new leadership style – Management by Results. First to be affected were the top managers – the once untouchables.

The message went across the company: no one is safe.  The result: Panic. Confusion. Worry. And lots of anxiety about when will the axe fall? A letter addressed from the HR department became a dreaded thing. And instead of performing; staff got worried of each other.

The message went across the company: no one is safe.  The result: Panic. Confusion. Worry. And lots of anxiety about when will the axe fall? A letter addressed from the HR department became a dreaded thing. And instead of performing; staff got worried of each other.

Staff would report to work, when in reality they were looking for the next exit.

And that is how a casual visit to the Operations Manager at Medical Suppliers Ltd by Summit Consulting Ltd’s practice leader brought change. After a short interaction, a presentation to all top management on “effective strategy execution: where we are heading, how we will get there and your role in the journey” was suggested, and accepted.

And it has become a model for effective change management.

Lessons: Our experience in removing anxiety, and improving team performance:

  1. People/ your staff will resist change if they are being led in darkness. If your staff have not been clearly informed of what next. It does not matter how much team building training you do, if your team lacks clear understanding of the company’s direction (strategy), company’s journey (implementation plans and upcoming changes), and the expected outcomes; all the training you do will be wasted resources.
  2. Alignment of your strategy to the structure and Balanced Score Card for respective departments delivers outstanding results. Team building is great, only when people have clear understanding of what needs to be done now and how will it be measured. There will be loss of morale and team spirit when staff are not sure of what to do; how to do it; and the expected results. Lack of alignment of strategy to structure to performance measures; leads to team dysfunction. Our experience is that many leaders spend a lot of money to kill morale and fail their organisations. You don’t have to. Call us in today for a change! Our practice leader also makes key notes and strategy planning moderation. You will love it.
  3. Communication of your planned changes, roadmap in invaluable. It is good to bring new things on the table; however, a clear roadmap must be in place and communicated to all staff and provide clear expectations. People are afraid of the unknown. That is why me and you probably fear any mention of the word death. It is unknown. It does not matter how much you try to assure them, if the roadmap is not clearly articulated, there will be no morale. Without morale, there will be no team work and the company will experience downtime.

Summit Consulting Ltd helped Medical Supplies Ltd overcome dysfunction and failure.  We are experienced experts and our focus on results, not input will improve your condition. The measure of successful consultants is the condition in which they leave you. For us, we always keep improving your condition.

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