Summit Consulting Limited training in management, Governance and Anti-Fraud

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This is to confirm that Summit Consulting Limited represented by Mustapha B. Mugisa worked with us to help strengthen our Risk Management practices through Senior Management and staff training, among others, and did so in a manner that exceeded our already high expectations.

Specifically, he interacted as a peer and flawlessly with our most Senior management, handled sensitive issues professionally and effectively conducted staff training and Fraud prevention awareness, and he is among the best responsive Consultants we have worked with.

Specifically, beyond his contract terms, he followed up the trainees to find out the impact of his training on their way of working and offered extra individual coaching to those that need it.

I am happy to endorse his work and ethics without reservations and would be happy to discuss details or answer any questions about his work for us.


Micheal Tugyetwena
Operations Director


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