Summit Consulting Work in an Ethical Penetration Testing On Our Network and Database

The above subject refers.

This is to confirm that Summit Consulting Ltd, represented by Mustapha B Mugisa, was contracted to conduct an attack penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities, if any, and exploit them, and provide us with evidence of exploit, thereafter make practical recommendations to fix the same. We are happy to recommend Summit Consulting Ltd penetration testing services. They were able to identify vulnerabilities, evidence of exploit in such manner as not to cause system downtime. To date, we have not experienced any post-pen incidents.

Throughout the assignments, Summit Consulting Ltd security experts kept us up-to-date on the progress of the testing. They would inform us in advance in case a particular scan or test on our services would cause possible system downtime. This ensured that any potential impact from the test was anticipated and adequately prepared for so as not to affect the operations. But also ,it ensured that any possible attack scenario was explored and tried. At the end of the test, we had confidence of our system setup and areas of focus in case of an attack. More importantly,the ability of the testers to show you the tools in use and the processes were very invaluable to the us.

I hereby endorse the work of Summit Consulting Ltd, their ethics and professionalism without reservations whatsoever and would be happy to discuss any details and or answer any questions about Summit Consulting Ltd.’s work for us. I certify that the assignment was completed.

Yours Sincerely,

Hajjat Safina N. Wabuna

ED Operations & ICT

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