Let’s empower you with fraud prevention strategies. We will undertake a fraud risk assessment and provide a prioritized action plan to prevent fraud.

We provide services to empower our clients to prevent fraud before it occurs. In our summitINVESTIGATER solution, we conduct several investigations and the challenge has always been it is reactive. How do we help before such incidents occur?

Anti-fraud includes doing a review to access the organization’s readiness for managing fraud risks. In Uganda, fraud risk is one of the biggest problems. Loss of money to fraud in a business is like loss of blood to a human being.If you keep losing money through small unaccounted for activities, which people do not readily see like staff printing personal work on company stationery, at the end of the day the expenses bill is increasing.

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Under summitANTIFRAUD, we reviewyour readiness to check whether the organization has policies and procedures to prevent fraud. But most importantly, we assess whether this kind of fraud schemes have been clearly defined. If policies are not in place, we work with management to ensure we develop and documentthem. Have it approved by the Board since it is responsible for policy.

If policies are in place, we ensure they are alignedwithleading practices but most importantly put into the context of that particular business. We review and ensure they are properly documented.

In addition to doing readiness for fraud risk assessment, we train people to implement them. This is usually enterprise wide. At the end of the training, staff sign anti-fraud declaration and anti-fraud policy and procedures.

This requires staff to attest as having read and understood all the provisions in the anti-fraud policy and procedures. This provides a good platform for ongoing implementation. The summitANTIFRAUD solution is a proactive solution to fighting fraud in organizations.


whether you have anti-fraud and ICT policies and procedures or not, we will help you. We review your current policies and procedures in areas of cyber security, fraud risk management, enterprise risk and governance.  Under cyber security, we help formulate policies like computer security policies and procedures, anti-fraud and whistleblowers policies and procedures, enterprise risk management strategy, tools and templates and BYOD policies and procedures.

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