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summitBI (Advanced Excel) Training Calendar 2020

Workshops in Audit, Finance, Credit & Risk, Human Resources, Procurement, Management, Research and so much more. Trainings are both in-house (at your place of convenience) and at the Institute of Forensics and ICT Security as specified in the calendar.

The State of Corporate Government in Uganda

The Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU) was incorporated in December 1998 as a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit organization The Institute derives its mandate from the Memorandum and Articles of Association...

summitBI Solutions Case Study

An organization recently made a strong investment in data analytics technologies to overcome the mushrooming issue of underperformance that kept the firm underachieving its revenue targets.

Home expenditure

This template helps you to easily track your daily household expenditure and guide you on how best you can spend to increase savings.

To do List
Track your employees’ day to day activities and monitor their performance towards improving the company

Summit Consulting Analytics & Reporting Solutions

summitBI™ offers business intelligence solutions that will arm your executives with reports and insights for real-time analytics and interpretations, tailor made for your business strategy while maintaining tight governance controls as required by your IT team

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Empowering Executives with Self-Service Analytics and Reporting Solutions

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Summit Consulting Bank Analysis Report Brief 2019

Deep market intelligence services based on publicly available data ONLY and any other data you give us Training on how to do this kind of reports in-house. Interpretation notes for the charts to transform you into a financial guru and change your team’s thinking.

summitBI Tools & Templates

Risk Register

This template enables you assess a risk's overall impact to your company or project

Sales Dashboard

Lets you track the best-selling product, sales by region, when the sales are highest and lowest

HR Dashboard

Advanced Analytics Tool that displays important HR KPIs using interactive data visualizations.

summitBI Audit & Payroll

Save millions of top-line, unearth hidden bottlenecks, protect your organization from unanticipated risk and increase productivity.

Contract Details

This template lets you track your employees contract expiration. Contains Employee designation, Department, Hire Date and Contract Duration.

Budget Vs Actual

Track your Department’s budget variance i.e. the difference between the budgeted or baseline amount of expense or revenue, and the actual amount.

Amortization Schedule

Providing just your loan amount, interest rate and term, the tool shows you the amortization schedule i.e. periodic loan payments.