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summitBI™ offers business intelligence solutions that will arm your executives with reports and insights for real-time analytics and interpretations, tailor made for your business strategy while maintaining tight governance controls as required by your IT team. Save money and time. Contact us for a demo to see it in action! No more expensive off the shelf software.​

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Empowering Executives with Self-Service Analytics and Reporting Solutions

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The summitBI™ Advantage

Banking Report 2019

The comprehensive bank analysis report unearths the entire banking sector showing banks that expose their clientele to high risk of loss.

Budget Analysis 2019

summitBI gives an in-depth analysis of Uganda’s National Budget over the years with a comprehensive return on value assessment.


In-depth analysis of the state of Corporate Governance of Uganda in 2018. Find out which company has the strongest strategic foundation.

Everything You Need to Build Powerful Analytics Apps

Audit Analytics >

We develop first-class audit analytics tools and solutions for your organization to conduct powerful audit tasks to ensure you automate your audit processes and procedures

summitBI™ >

We give you the power to leverage from real-time analytics and reporting that will ensure you make timely decisions to save your firm a lot of monies.

Training >

We offer Data Analytics and Business Intelligence training in a number of fields from Audit, Finance, Credit & Risk, Procurement, Management, to Research and so much more

Reporting Solutions >

We can connect your core systems to your MS Office applications as well as custom made models to enable you generate real-time reports.

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