2.4 Accounting and Finance

real-time access to accounting information

2.4 Accounting and Finance

Get 360 reports on the financial operations and performance in both real-time and cyclical basis with our robust analytics solutions. Leverage from automated financial and management reporting from your general ledger, financial management systems, and/or ERPs.

Effectively boost top-line, minimise operational expenses, and protect your bottom-line with real-time access to accounting information to drive your decision making.

2.4.1 68% of managers spend weeks analysing information from their book keeping systems to formulate comprehensive financial reports for their departments, branches, organisations, and regions.

summitBI solutions will reduce your downtime from weeks/months to just a matter of minutes with advanced ad-hoc reporting templates tailor made for your organisation. These solutions uncover over 100 KPIs that assess financial performance, financial operations and position of your entity in just a matter of clicks.

Know what drives your Opex, reduces your bottom-line, augments your COGS and amputates your top-line in a matter of seconds while seated at your desk.

Our ad-hoc reporting solutions will also enable you build custom reports that will put your entity ahead of others in financial analysis, management and reporting. Let your data drive decision-making.