SummitBI Audit Analytics

data-driven audit analytics

SummitBI Audit Analytics

Conduct data-driven audit analytics to unearth the most granular insights in your data sets and expose business bottlenecks before they can amputate operations at your company.

SummitBI’s audit solutions empower auditors and other financial analysts with the tools to conduct continuous audits, flat-file analytics, cross-platform comparisons, and effective reporting. Get real-time audit reporting to ensure your company is ahead of the problems that distort its proper functioning.

Save money with summitBI Audit tool: a case study

“At Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), we found the client had invested a lot of money in an off-the-shelf data tool by a vendor from Kenya. The tool was not only difficult to use but very costly as every time UWA internal audit team needed a custom query, they had to incur huge costs of transporting the vendors expert from Nairobi to Kampala.

Additionally, the tool had limited licensing options. And limited functionality.

The summitBI audit has provided an ideal solution. No more restrictive licenses. No more high costs of facilitating experts. And no more complicated coding to generate a special report.