2.5 Human Resources

Improve your staff productivity and/or performance

2.5 Human Resources

Improve your staff productivity and/or performance by manipulating HR data to uncover insights in performance, risk exposure, key trends among your employees, and monitor other KPI’s in real time, to make actionable decisions in time and not driven by hearsay but by in-depth analysis.

2.5.1 People are every company’s most valuable asset and People analytics have risen productivity in organisation by more than 25% according to McKinsey&Company.

How best can you schedule employees to get the most productive workforce combination? Only 35% of companies worldwide use people analytics to drive recruitment and trust me, the other remaining potion continues to struggle with bottlenecks from low retention rates, to deadweight recruitment dominating the stats. Be apart of the elite 35% who have leveraged from the fruits of People Analytics by working with us to improve your HR and people processes.

Manage your payrolls, talent management, and time management systems at your desk. summitBI solutions enable your HR team connect to a vast number of applications to model key business insights that will drive human capital to productivity on steroids. You will be ahead of each decision made by employees, know which staff are letting down the company and those that should be retained, understand the relationship between different variables like time, pay, region/branch/department, manager influence and other key indicators, with staff productivity.

2.5.2 Interface with more than 10,000 applications using office to leverage from people analytics

summitBI solutions integrate your office applications with tens of thousands of databases, cloud solutions, web content and other core systems to leverage from HR data collected across your organisation, in different departments, agencies, branches, regions and even across the continent.

Our solutions will enable you map databases of different environments together to compare and contrast. You will leverage from robust predictive models that will study employee behaviour to make informed decisions/prescriptions from mushrooming conduct before it amputates your departments and/or the entire organisation.