2.7 Marketing and Sales

a platform to maximise benefits from IMCs

2.7 Marketing and Sales

Avoid making decisions based on data from a single channel. summitBI solutions take account of the entire marketing picture. We understand that using integrated marketing strategies is a complex mechanism for most Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and other marketing executives yet the ROI with adopting Integrated Marketing Communications (IMCs) is massive. Our solutions empower your with a platform to maximise benefits from IMCs by leveraging from the data you collect from different channels, personas and industrial rivals, which data can be modelled to develop insights from different perspectives.

2.7.1 Anchor the marketing department to your business strategy with data driven solutions

summitBI applications enable you to perform marketing-mix modelling (MMM) by leveraging from big data to determine the most effective spending by channel. You’ll link your marketing systems to sales, finance and other relevant channels to uncover effects that are both longitudinal and interactional to embed in your entire business strategy.

summitBI solutions will enable you compare your marketing performance to a number of key marketing metrics like cost per unique marketing channel, number of consumers reached, and assess the quality of customer engagement in your company.

2.7.2 Increase your return on investment from marketing activity by more than 120% by leveraging from solutions that enhance marketing return on investment

summitBI’s MROI tools give executives flexibility enabling them to finance marketing channels that bring in the most yield. With our solutions, you can assess and detect marketing risk in the different channels.

We also help your team understand the target products to market in the different regions, and branches of your supply chain. Should you or should you not continue supplying a given product based on the trend?

Get to understand the core parts of your salesforce by understanding which key players should be retained or mixed with those lag members to optimise value.