2.2 Procurement and Logistics

real-time alerts straight to your e-mail to respond to shortages

2.2 Procurement and Logistics

How best can you deliver your products or ship in your supplies from a number of warehouses across the region with differing resource constraints at the lowest cost possible while leveraging value? summitBI solutions enable you to keep track of your inventory, invoices, purchase orders, warehouse capacity and vendor status in real-time. Receive real-time alerts straight to your e-mail to respond to shortages, anomalies, and any other inquiries immediately,

2.2.1 70% of procurement executives do not use data-driven supply chain analytics solutions which has led to more than 40% redundant stock in their companies’ inventories

summitBI solutions enable managers monitor their inventory in real-time, and keep them up to date with overstocking, understocking and/or issues of irregular discount rates.

Know which side of your supply chain is letting down the entire team. Know which products have overstayed in the inventory, those that are moving faster than others, which customer segment is of highest demand for a specific product and which product is no longer worthy of being a part of your inventory.

2.2.2 How much supply or inventory do we need to cover the gaps for the next five days, months and/or years?

Perform powerful predictive analytics to project the level of demand for given products, which products will still be relevant following consumer behaviour, which markets to venture in a specific product and when to purchase a given supply dependent on the exchange rate fluctuations that will benefit your company and reduce the cost of goods sold while amplifying top-line.

summitBI develops for your logistics team robust models that they can use to stress test the benefits stocking a given product or providing a given service will fruition the business in the long-run.