2.6 Risk Management

measuring, quantifying and predicting uncertainty

2.6 Risk Management

SummitBI solutions will establish a baseline for measuring risk across your departments and entire organisation through measuring, quantifying and predicting uncertainty in your business processes with unconventional algorithms and models built specifically to support your organisation in managing risk using data driven methods.

2.6.1 summitBI solutions have enhance credit risk models for financial institutions and insurance companies.

Our solutions have not only reduced the number of non-performing loans in financial institutions but also heightened underwriting processes in insurance sector minimising the risk through advanced BI.

2.6.2 summitBI solutions continue to fight payment fraud, increase collection recoveries and ensure your checklist for compliance is green.

With the most reliable forensic analytics models in the industry, companies have saved up to 80% of their formerly fraud threatened monies by implementing summitBI’s real time applications that have given risk managers the power to make informed decisions from their desks by monitoring activity on the robust dashboards developed specifically for them to make ad-hoc analysis on the data collected in their entities. With our red-flag solution, executives receive real-time alerts on their e-mails whenever a given amount, percentage, or metric is reached, entered or bypassed at any point of data entry in any system connected to the solution. Be ahead of those uncertainties and protect your bottom-line.

2.6.3 Identify key risk areas and act accordingly

We deploy algorithms and models to help your team uncover hidden risk areas which can be mapped to drive decisions in the entire organisation helping you develop a risk averse mindset driven by data. Maximise the data you collect, spot hidden trends in your dataset and develop dynamic heatmaps to expose high risk points in your operations.

2.6.4 Connect to different core systems to assess all types of risk

We know your organisation has a different system for finance, one for HR, one for operations, another for security and comprehensive management. summitBI understands you want to be able to analyse all this information on one platform while maintaining the relationships each table has with the other. You don’t need to visit your IT teams to extract different queries that will help you analyse the data. summitBI solutions give you the freedom from IT. You will have modelled solutions that will not only give you real-time risk management but also give you relevant insights in the data that you work with.