summitHR solution will expose the weakest link among your staff

Performance as a KPI has been under looked in many firms yet a company’s growth/revenue entirely depends on the employees. Getting the job done is vital to the overall success of the company. Employers need to understand the value of evaluating employee performance since it helps to determine strengths, weakness and potential gaps in a firm. If employees are not performing well, it negatively affects productivity and ultimately, the bottom line

In January 2019, Summit was contacted by one of the top tax payer firms in Uganda. The company struggled with tracking employee performance vis-a-vi revenue/returns. Previously their evaluation was based on hours worked by each employee and level of absenteeism. It also struggled to establish a relationship between absenteeism and achieving set targets

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summitHR solution gives you a 360 degrees analysis on employee performance through a consideration of a verse majority of factors including KPIs, tracking deadlines and targets, making sales, absenteeism rate and building company brand through positive customer interactions. Our solution bases on these factors to calculate the employee productivity index by measuring your employees work efficiency according to the criteria you set. It analyses the set targets and evaluates what has been achieved in a given time period. Employees with a higher productivity index are better performers. This enables employers to know the lead and lag areas among their employees. Evaluations will enable you identify where you can help employees grow so that they can do even better.

Figure 1:Employee Productivity over the last 5 years

Using our summitHR solution we analyzed the data that was availed to us for the past five years to determine employee productivity vis-à-vis the set targets. As seen in figure 1 employee productivity increased by 6% year on year from 2012 to 2017.

Evaluate your employees’ performance using our employee productivity index and improve workforce efficiency.

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