summitSeaaS (Security as a Service)

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Summit Consulting Ltd is a professional services firm offering pragmatic IT security and advisory services. We provide both physical security advice and logical security to give you a 360 degree security solution. Our security services include summitPENTEST, for ICT security reviews and training; and summitPERIMETER, which covers physical security advisory.

We have developed a prevention-inclusive response program that combines proactive breach prevention solutions and fast Crisis Response Teams, resulting in effective and highly cost effective cyber security solutions. The fact that we are forensic experts, you get experts with wide exposure and experience to provide insights that will give you an essential advantage in any situation.

Design and Document a Enterprise Risk Management Policy

It is essential that everyone involved in managing or accessing digital data be on the same page from a security and response standpoint. A detailed enterprise-risk management policy that connects the dots and lays out the procedures to be followed for everyone involved is imperative.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing SCL to implement a summit-eDefenseprogram is that we are also experts in incident response, which is essential to meeting regulatory requirements and successfully responding to the inevitable.

Crisis Response

Even the most secure assets can get compromised by new or unknown exploits and attacks, or by a “trusted” user with legitimate access to your data (Wikileaks’ business model is based on this fact). A solid response plan to stop the leak quickly and respond to affected assets (clients, employees) is critical. Businesses with solid response plans can and do recover from breaches, and they are also the ones prepared to stand up and respond to regulators, their clients and the public.

Staff Training

Indeed there is no patch to human stupidity. You need to empower your staff, as they are your first lines of defense. Our sister company, Institute of Forensics & ICT Security,  will provide your team appropriate training to ensure you harden your organization from a perspective of defense in depth. We offer training to your staff in secure computer user and all the key basics for remaining secure on-line. This training is also critical for all people who use a mobile device a phone, gadgets and ipads to access Internet.


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