Summit Strategy

Develop an organic Strategic choice in one paper for effective communication and ownership in your business to fully get transformed

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Is your board a window dressing board or an effective one? Is your board involved in day to day operations or focuses on strategic imperatives for long term success? How do you evaluate board effectiveness? Know this and more by downloading our State of Corporate Governance in Uganda 2018 Report. Click DOWNLOAD below subscribe to our Grow Your Business insights


Develop an organic strategy, NOT a research paper. Summarize your strategic choices on one paper for effective communication and ownership. Link your strategy to structure, scorecard and budget for effective execution. Transform your business. Restructure your staff roles and end a bloated payroll. Get your staff morale through the roof with clarity of each staff role in the journey. And wrap your strategy session with staff motivation so that they report to work after the retreat as if they are reborn!

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Craft an Organic Strategy and Excel


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