The death of Jobs

There are jobs where people will no longer be required. Today, you can access money from their bank, anywhere any time. The secret of a great medical doctor is quality diagnosis. Today, it is possible to access respected doctors and lecturers from a pool of global experts. Technology is a big disrupter and is changing a lot of things.

But technology is not stopping there. In Japan, scientists have crafted so well-groomed robots and dolls to work as sex tools. The robot is made such that is offers soft touch and near human feelings to replace a human being. And that is not all. There are host some jobs that are on the line perhaps in next couple of years. Below we explore a few:


They balance our books so that we know exactly what we earned and how much we spent. This information is strategic in decision making.

Unfortunately, with the advance in technology and emergence artificial intelligence software that can analyze data and make full accurate reports from various data sources-the services of an accountant are becoming less relevant. While accountants will still be needed, the demand is likely to fall especially for roles that are repetitive like book keeping and data analytics, as predictive software models can easily do a better job once the right data is entered into the system. To the over 6,000 accountants in Uganda, the ball is in your hands: how do you remain relevant amid high automation?


From primary teachers to University lecturers, they continue to complain about low pay and bad working conditions. However, the worst is yet to come, as developments in technology threaten this career.

The advance in technology is making services of some teachers irreverent. Online or virtual learning is changing the face of learning and teaching.

Some globally respected universities like The Khan Academy, YouTube, Coursera, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a plethora of on-line training are offering more than 2,000 online courses. Statistics reveal the above two institutions have close to 300m downloads. With virtual learning, you can access the latest books, break-through research and documentaries in video form online. Globally respected professors can also be accessed at less cost; besides learning can be anytime of the day, anywhere.

According to experts, tomorrow the world of work will need fewer (superlative teachers and professors). The world will increase be in need of coaches. To those of you studying bachelors in education we wish you luck.

News reporters

October 2015, a Chinese social and gaming giant Tencent published the first 916 flawless business article written by a robot. “The piece is very readable. I can’t even tell it wasn’t written by a person.” said Li Wei, a reporter based in the southern Chinese manufacturing boomtown of Shenzhen- quoted in South China Morning Post.

The article was written in one minute by the robot.

While it may take some time, for robots to broaden their scope and cover, to the journo’s who can’t write analytical, investigative and human stories, the writing is already on the wall.  Experts predict the industry is likely to experience more than 15 percent decline in the coming years thanks to robo-journalists.

Travel agents

Gone are the days when you had to look for a travel agent in order to book your itinerary including your air ticket, hotel room name it. Not anymore. If you are tech savvy and connected to internet, you don’t need visit a travel agent. In fact, travel agents are ranked among the top jobs that face sudden exit.

Some of the latest technologies can determine travellers’ needs, respond to client’s questions as well as deliver cheapest and most suitable options quicker than travel agents. The advantage such technologies have over human travel advisors is that they do not experience moods nor get sick.


With nearly everything going digital and virtual, the job of librarian is coming to an end. Some universities like Kisubi Brothers University prefer digital newspapers to hard copies. One of leading brewery companies is said to have no librarian thanks to technology. Many companies now rely on digital library on on-line learning for their staff training needs. Want an online study, visit and speak to us.

Way forward

This trend calls for planning early enough. The early days of job specialization are gone. In this an era, receptionist should be able to write proposal, do sales and marketing, accountancy etc. for professionals under ‘fire’ you may need to multi-skill and retool. If you’re teacher, diversify into marketing, finance and administration. Only the prepared we will survive tomorrow.

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