The ever-evolving cybersecurity risks

The velocity and magnitude of cyber threats are spreading at the speed equivalent to a Mercedes Formula One car! This has been accelerated by the increased online activity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 and 2021 provided no rest for the front liners in ICT security.  The frequency of cyberattacks is high, sophistication continues to evolve, and breaches are the inevitable result. The result was a series of high-profile attacks that rocked many organizations and, on their own, represented watershed moments in cybersecurity. As an Executive, how do you not only keep the ‘bad guys’ at bay but anticipate their next move and prevent it before it materializes? How do you protect your intellectual property to create a competitive edge in the digital economy?

At Summit Consulting Ltd, we publish the summitFRONTLINE Report annually. We aim to help leaders and executives stay ahead of the curve by providing practical recommendations based on the cases examined and handled. The summitFRONTLINE Report 2022 report is published at a time when digital transformations have been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. This creates an opportunity for the bad guys to attack and exploit the weak ICT infrastructure. At the same time, it presents opportunities for organizations to elevate their cyber security agenda.

What if defenders could see the future? If only they could tell that an intrusion was headed to their area of concern, they could do whatever it takes to stop it and or mitigate its impact and ensure that what is critical and needed most is safe. But the truth is, defenders can always see what’s trending, but not what is coming their way.

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