The future belongs to actionTEAM, the tool for effective collaborators

When people and devices are connected seamlessly, they achieve great things. People who work as lone wolves may achieve success, but it may not be to their full potential. There is power in collaboration.

That is why at Summit Consulting Ltd we asked:

1) How do you create accountability for effective strategy execution?

2) As a busy executive, how do you monitor progress against the set (balanced) scorecard targets company-wide?

3) How do you empower each of your over 50+ staff to have clarity of their roles in the journey of business growth? How do you improve staff effectiveness and reduce productivity leakages which ultimately lead to stagnating growth?

4) How do you identify employees who add more impact to your organisation so that you empower them further to create a multiplier effect for accelerated growth?

We found the answers

Leading in the current Coronavirus pandemic times is already tough enough. You must explore ways to stay ahead of the change around you to avoid being overtaken. That means creating an environment of high collaborations and connected thinking.  Imagine having a tool that provides real-time dashboards and reports for every aspect of your organisation’s operations from your strategy down to all operational key performance indicators.

We innovated the actionTEAMGRC, governance, risk and compliance software that automates your strategy execution and performance monitoring processes for visibility into what is being delivered in real-time. The tool will do the following up and reminders to all staff for progress updates and reports, so you can focus on the bigger picture. It will act as your reminder so that you know what each staff is up to.

actionTEAMGRC comes with a suite of dashboards and reports, created to look exactly the way you want them and the flexibility to add any custom fields or reports you want to capture for each of your strategy elements.  Even better, actionTEAMGRC will also automate your risk management processes for consistent risk management practices across your entire organisation.

To request a demo of how the action team governance, risk and compliance software could help reduce operational costs and transform your business, email strategy [at] summitcl[dot] com or visit We look forward to being part of your transformation agenda.

The future belongs to actionTEAM, the tool for effective collaborators. Do not get ready, stay ready. Be prepared for uncertainties. The actionTEAM GRC is a product of Summit Consulting Ltd.

Copyright Summit Consulting Ltd 2021. All rights reserved.

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