The future of a Summit Consulting Ltd staffer, part 1

You are a consultant at Summit Consulting, how will your career progress? The times are changing fast. You too must.

Our clients want to consult with the very best to gain market advantage. As consultants, we must aim to be the smartest folks in any room, we find ourselves in. That must be our aspiration. It is not easy to achieve. But it is possible. That is why when you get an opportunity to work at Summit Consulting Ltd, you must have a mindset of ‘I can do’. Our growth over the years has been underpinned by referrals and high repeat business due to the remarkable transformation of our clients after they bring us on board.

You must dare to dream.

Our competitors are working hard to be recognized as the best consultant. But as we always say at Summit, anyone can audit – that is easier thing to do. We all have opinions and we can dish them out freely since such puts pressure on the client to decide to follow the opinion or not. As Summit Consultants, we focus on facts – we analyze lots of data and generate high-quality brief technical insights that inform our client advisory. Whether it is forensics, cybersecurity investment or strategy, you need data to inform your decisions.

A Summit Consulting staffer must have the ability to navigate through very large data sets and obtain insights for leadership decision making. A data scientist who smiles when presented with unstructured data regardless of the multiplicity of sources.

The house-keeping essential skills like attention to details, the attitude of completing everything we start, quality communication, high levels of integrity and being comfortable in front of many people – are a must.

As consultants of last resort, you must have the confidence to question everything. The ability to ask “why” often is key to win at Summit Consulting.

To be continued>>>.

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