The jungle survival guide

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The jungle is not an easy place to survive. Trees compete for sunlight. Most of the time, big trees take the day. They continue growing and once they get to the top, they form big branches and canopies thereby cutting off the young, small and short trees.

Surely, how the jungle survive without the small trees? Should small trees give up the search for sunlight critical to their survival or push survival anyway?

You have seen small trees climbing on the big trees to access sunlight. The tough ones grow through the roots and stems of the big trees and in the process deform them, or even stunt them. That is the power of determination.

The lions, the renowned kings of the jungle, too are always roaming for the next prey. They are fast, powerful and very veracious. Small animals must survive anyway. The jungle is also their home and must adapt to the changing realities. There is no place as secure as home! The small trees and animals in the jungle reflect our society today.

The majority of the youth are unemployed except those with ‘big trees’ to climb. Survive they must. Anything that threatens life must be fought with what one has.

Like in the jungle, there are a lot of pressures in our societies: – school fees, rent, utilities, health care, and other basic needs. If you have moved around top schools in Kampala, you have witnessed very long ques to the Director of Studies or Head Teacher by parents giving promissory notes on fees payment.

Supermarkets too have not been saved. Try to visit the manager’s office and you will understand the extent of the problem. The line of customers redeeming their points on the royalty cards is ever increasing. Traffic in the supermarkets is so low that it does not make business sense to open shop before 4 pm!

How do you survive in the jungle where the pressures are always evolving?

Whatever happens, Uganda is our country we must protect and preserve it. Never think about going to war with your neighbor. No war leads to development. It always destroys dreams, livelihoods, and souls. Find your turf. Research and be the best in your field. Plan and work hard. Succeed.


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