The lie: staff motivation improves productivity

If you want a good life, go out and act. Start doing something about it. Stop waiting for some folk who is already frustrated with their lives to come and talk into you some motivation.

One of the worst performance improvement concept is motivational speaking. The best person to motivate you is you. The staff has a choice: to be self-motivated or not. It does not matter how many motivational talks one attends, if one lacks a full tank of personal beliefs in own potential to thrive, nothing good will happen. For that reason, over 70% of the people who have read self-help books, they completed and started another one without any success. Reason: they think something external can give them energy they need to start which is wrong. You need self-discipline.

Stop waiting for someone to come and tell you how their life was miserable. And then they started dreaming. And then they met someone or read a book or saw a movie or got a revelation that changed their lives. And you too can do it. It’s a lie.

The truth is “when you wake up early. Work on something which many people need help with 365 days a year. And do so consistently better than any one else. You are guaranteed to succeed.” This is true whether it is a full-time job, or you are self-employed.

No entrepreneur will let a great staff easily go. And outstanding ones are usually offered share options. In many companies, if you work more than 6 years. And consistently deliver your targets, you are promoted quickly through the ranks. In the corporate world, that is better exposure, training and pay and benefits. In your own business,

And don’t lie yourself. If you are lazy at the heart, mere talk wont help. You need real help:

  1. An accountability partner. Find yourself an accountability partner someone who has attained what you have and has demonstrated discipline of achievement. Someone who will keep your feet on the fire to help you go through any challenges.
  2. If you are employed, make sure you have easy access to your direct supervisor and ask them what they would like you to help with. What can you do today to make the company a better place? How will they evaluate your performance? The more frequent you have such conversations, the better. You will succeed.
  3. Wake up early and show up. Help comes to those who act. If the worst is happening, go to any nearby company and make sure you ask to meet the key person. If you have done your homework, you know their biggest pain. Most of the time it is either grow revenue or cut costs. Have a project that you can demonstrate to deliver the measurable results. You will get what you need.
  4. Go volunteer. The best place to start is a community like Church or Mosque or similar. Try your luck and go volunteer to clean the compound. The fact is go to the one nearest your place of stay to save on transport costs. Put in one hour daily. And make sure you greet the head of the institution daily without fail. That is critical. The secret is in persistence. Do it for over 12 months if you are to notice any results. You need to be aggressive to also help with cleaning inside the Church. Soon, you will get great referrals from the Priest or Imam to introduce you to their contacts as a good girl or boy. That is the secret.

Forget about motivation. Focus on acting.

Remember, if you pay higher salary to a demotivated employee; you will get a demotivated employee who is paid higher salary. If you bring a motivational speaker to demotivated team, you will get a team which is demotivated but thinking so many new ideas and doing nothing to improve productivity.

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