The secure tip-off and feedback system

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Is your tip-offs and whistleblowing system putting your critical enterprise information in the hands of outsiders? Have you outsourced your critical function of managing tip-offs to outsiders who could let you down?

You need a whistleblowing solution for the new era.

Get the whistleblowing tool and protect your secrets from outsiders! Don’t allow outsiders access your critical data which you should be the first to know.

In 2016, when the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) needed an innovative solution, that overcomes all the challenges of a traditional email, suggestion box, and phone whistleblowing, they came to Summit Consulting Ltd.  They wanted to empower as well as protect employees who make tips. And it has delivered results beyond expectations.

How it works:

We set up a secure custom installation on the Amazon cloud. You (the client) gives us a list of 2 or 5 or 100 staff you would like to receive tip-offs instantly someone submits an anonymous tip. Once the tip is submitted, the tipper receives a unique 14-digit code. The tipper can use this code later to provide further updates until the tip is closed off fully.

We guarantee a 99% anonymous and secure system. Our team at Summit Consulting Ltd NEVER get to see any of the tips submitted. Each tip is encrypted by a 256-bit encryption key. We only set up a system and hand all the management of the tips to your internal team.  Because one tip goes to all key people, the risk of a tip being hidden cannot exist.

Can you be honest with us?

Is your current tip-off tool effective? How many tip-offs did you receive last month? Use Julia tip-off to empower your staff, partners, and stakeholders to blow the whistle.

Is your Organisation promoting transparency and free speech?

Testimonial: NSSF

“NSSF saved Ugx. 1.8 billion within just two months of launching the Julisha anonymous whistleblowing tool.”

Click here to download the NSSF statement.

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