The Story of an Aspiring Artist

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There is a video of a man showcasing raw talent in the car parking basement. This man indeed is talented. As I watched, I remembered a story I read about an aspiring artist, Anna, who dreamed of having her artwork displayed in a prestigious gallery. Like this man, Anna was talented but didn’t have any connections in the art world. You know few people want to open doors for others. They want you to struggle on your own and grow naturally.

Anna had a winning mindset. Instead of waiting for opportunities to find her, she always prepared and then looked for opportunities.

After several rejections, Anna got a revelation while visiting her grandma. She told her where is her work: show me your work. She realized that she did not have any portfolio. “Daughter, go showcase your work to all strangers out there. You will soon be discovered”, grandma told her.

Anna began by creating a portfolio of her best creative artwork. After that, she researched local galleries and art shows, making a list of potential places to showcase the art. She visited each gallery in person, introduced herself, and left a sample of her work along with her contact information. Despite facing numerous rejections, she never gave up. She kept talking to herself, “I will be discovered by the next person I visit.”

However, nothing like that happened. Anna decided to visit a car showroom, where she requested the car owner, for a small space at the reception to showcase her art. The showroom owner was kind enough. He thought that the young lady had a good idea – people coming to check on the art would also check out the cars. He gave her space and helped her organize an art show. She invited friends, family, and local art enthusiasts, and promoted the event on social media. The turnout was better than she expected, and her work received a lot of praise. Some visitors had never checked out of the car showroom and so many were happy to see two things at the same time –new cars and art!

It is said that one of the people who visited the show had come to check out the cars. He was a gallery owner and was impressed by Anna’s talent. He offered her a spot in an upcoming group exhibition. This opportunity led to further exposure, and soon, Anna’s artwork was being featured in several prestigious galleries. She became a star.

Anna’s success didn’t stop there. Her story of self-initiative and determination inspired many, and she was invited to speak at art schools and creative workshops, sharing her journey and encouraging others to take initiative in their own lives.

Reflecting on the car parking super talented artist, I think he needs to showcase his skills to the world in a more structured way. He makes a portfolio and starts his art exhibition. In 10 years, he will be the talk of town.

What is your talent? How are you marketing it?

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