The winning formula of savvy professions

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You need a process to win. I used the following four steps formulae:

a) Plan

b) Implement

c) Measure

d) Learn

Plan better and continue winning.

Whether it is your personal life or business, the formula works.

Plan. What is it that you want to achieve? What is the mark you are targeting or aiming at? You cannot hit unless you have defined the target? What is your target or mark? How do you plan to hit it? Always think before you act and react. Be systematic and deliberate. You will have better chances of winning than folks who just jump into something.

Implement. Don’t wait to be 100% ready. I have seen many people spend a lot of valuable time waiting to be 100% ready. You have tomorrow to improve. Just launch and move on. I love the story of the four cats that saw a rat. All the cats decided to run after the rat and catch it. But how many cats ran after the rat? Of course, none. They just decided but did not act. They did not run after the rat. They decided and remained there seated!! They slept hungry that day.

Measure. You improve what you measure. When you set the targets, you must set the measures and indicators of progress. What will show that you have hit your targets? Have a weighing scale. Know whether you are improving or stagnating.

Learn. Take lessons by examining the gaps between the planned and the actual. Improve based on the lessons. Did you hit your set mark? Why did you miss it? Why did you hit? Do you improve the mark or lower it? Or do you improve your skills through further training? What needs to be done to progress?

That formula will bring success and happiness to your life. It did not mine and my clients.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy 2021. All rights reserved.

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