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Are you a victim of fraud? Are you working too hard and cannot see where the money goes? Are you an auditor or fraud investigator who would like to know how to collect water-tight evidence so that you become a darling of the prosecution and or your company team? Find the summit investigation Tool 1.11: summitINVESTIGATE

Whether you are a subject of an investigation or just staff who is at a company where fraud has taken place, you deserve to get peace of mind.

summitINVESTIGATE helps you get all the facts so that you know the truth. In business, acting on opinion, hearsay, and audit reports is not advisable. As forensic investigators, we leave no stone unturned. Every transaction matters.

Do you want to know the truth? Our forensics expert will help you know who did what, where, when, and how. We investigate IT, cyber, and general staff frauds. We will help you save on legal courts, protect your reputation, and first track your case. Never again will you beg staff to resign even when you know they stole from you!

Are some of your ex-employees threatening your reputation? Worry no more. We help dig all the facts. We conduct fraud and forensic investigations in line with the laws of Uganda. Our investigators are available to support your case as expert witnesses. We handle over 20 fraud investigation cases in Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa annually.

The summitINVESTIGATE toolkit comes with:

  1. Customized report template to guide you to write a good court admissible report
  2. Sample evidence collection templates so that you collect evidence that complies with the evidence act, laws of Uganda, or another country
  3. A fraud investigation methodology so that you know step by step process of fraud investigations
  4. A suspect interview script template, so that you interview suspects and witnesses like a pro and get court-admissible evidence
  5. A statement taking template/form so that you create a strong case and be able to hold suspects or witnesses accountable as the investigation progresses
  6. And above all, tools to help you become an expert investigator including the CFE fraud examination manual notes

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