UGAFODE Microfinance undertakes Cyber Security Awareness for Top Management

6th November 2019:

November 2019 is our month of cybersecurity awareness at Summit Consulting Ltd in conjunction with the Institute of Forensics and ICT Security.  In our commitment to creating cybersecurity awareness, Summit Consulting Ltd delivered a complimentary cybersecurity session to the Top Management of UGAFODE Microfinance whose mission is to transform the lives of our customers economically and socially by providing to them inclusive financial solutions. To achieve this, UGAFODE Management should be cognizant of the emerging threats in cybersecurity, and how to overcome such.

“It doesn’t matter how much we spend on the latest cybersecurity hardware and software or whether we have segregated the most essential systems from the rest. If our mission-critical systems are digital and connected in some form or fashion to the internet (even if we think they aren’t, it’s highly likely they are), they can never be made fully safe,” Noted Mr. Moses Kisembo; the IT Manager UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd in his opening remarks. “This is why it is essential to conduct staff cybersecurity awareness. We are grateful for Summit Consulting’s consideration to us to empower our Top Management team in their role of cybersecurity,” added Moses.

Thereafter a simulation of cyber-attacks in the form of demonstrations was conducted to interest Top Management when it comes to real incidents. We concluded the session with managers requesting for full cyber Security Awareness training to the entire staff of UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd.

UGAFODE Managers in a discussion during the Cybersecurity session
UGAFODE managers being presented a DEMO on KeyLogger and how it works
Why the cybersecurity awareness session?

The cyber session awareness session attempt to ensure that organizations have the knowledge to limit the threats posed and therefore stay safer and more secure online.  Summit Consulting and Institute of Forensics & ICT Security also aim to increase the resiliency of the different organizations in the event of a cyber threat.

The session is worth US$4,000. However, we have decided to deliver the session free of charge so as to create awareness and best practices when it comes to cybersecurity. Most of the time, the role has been left to the IT department alone yet it’s the role of each staff in the company.

Testimonies from the managers
  1. Summit Consulting Ltd has offered insights beyond the cybersecurity subject matter, the advice for the UGAFODE to conduct a business impact analysis (BIA) to identify the critically of business assets in use. The session is very practical – the demonstration of spyware hacking was very interesting to learn and calls the need to secure information that is critical, Ben Eyabu; Head of credit.
  2. Summit Consulting Ltd has clarified on prioritization of the resources in terms of physical and cyber resources investment. This will guide our Top Management team when it comes to resource allocation, Kisembo Moses Isaac; Head of IT.
  3. I have learned how to create a strong password. Summit Consulting trainers are interactive and confident. They engage the trainees, Paul Kiggundu Kato; Internal Audit Manager

Take our cyber quiz to find out how cyber-savvy you really are.

About UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd

UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd was incorporated in 1994 as a non-Governmental organization under the name of Uganda Agency for Development Ltd (UGAFODE); which primarily provided affordable financial services to its customers.

As of today, UGAFODE is now a regulated Financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Uganda to provide financial services and a wide array of quality financial products to its clients in the urban, pre-urban and rural areas of Uganda to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients.

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