Unlocked the hidden value of Big Data Analytics with #summitBI

We reduced customer churn for this telecom company by over 20% through advanced big data solutions
  • Improved client satisfaction through embedding a vast number of internal and external based data sources to get the bigger picture of what was going on and why customer churn had hit highs of about 72% year on year.
  • Generated robust predictive models to help operations reduce downtime for detecting issues affecting their network lines, finance to stay ahead of unanticipated costs and provide enough cover to protect the telco from augmenting both its capex and opex used to recover from these bottlenecks.
  • Documenting decision making mechanisms based on data-driven prescriptions that have helped guide finance and operations when specific events occur that might obscure their business model.
  • Recommendations were undertaken which reduced churn rates by 23.45% in just about six months. The Profit after tax grew by more than 40% year on year as a result of down scaled opex and capex.

Just two months before the 2011 general elections in Uganda, a top tax paying telecom company registered a number of cases of absenteeism from the same department in a span of a month. At least two(2)  to three(3) staff were always on sick leave. A number of suspicious opinions were raised cornered around whether these officials were working for another company, considering the competitive nature of the industry or whether they had started their own organization. The department being Finance, wouldn’t strike them as much as a team of people that would build a business in-line with the telecom industry and supersede players that had been in the industry more than a decade.

However, driving down to the root cause, they discovered a number of them had reported issues of pressure, and stress. Being departments that analysed a lot of data to make decisions, it was no surprise. Most of the mechanisms at the telco then were manual yet they had a number of technologies that had been implemented.

Before the end of the first quarter of 2011, they hired a consultant to train their officials on how to use the tools they already had at their desk. However, even though the consultant boasted of having had a track record in training companies in “Advanced Excel”, a tool they had leveraged for long, the training was lackluster. Most of the concepts he covered were already part of the work that these professionals had used. It did not answer most of their questions and consequently reignited the stress levels in the department.

By the end of the third quarter, a number of these staff had fallen sick on many occasions and yet, at least two of them had left citing better working conditions and a mounting pressure at the company. There was need for drastic action.

At the start of the financial year in July 2012 at their Annual General Meeting, a number of interventions were raised from which procurement of an overseas software received the highest vote. This according to their decision makers and consultants would greatly improve processing of big data deposits and automate their reporting processes.

Following huge capital investment of more than US$100,000 in implementation and licensing, they setup the entire finance department with the software that was to greatly reduce their worries.

After a month of implementation, a number of issues were raised. The team did not know how to use the software, and those that tried to research realized the learning curve was steep. Another hurdle in the race to leverage from big data while improving work conditions hit a snag.

Being an overseas off shelf tool, there were no local experts available that the company could trust. The skills they needed would be outlaid to them by the professionals that had come from abroad. Shipping these specialists in cost almost 20% of the capex they spent on implementation. However, after a week of rigorous training, while a few tried to grasp to the techniques, they realized it was going to take them a long period of time to get used to with the number of scripts they run to perform a simple command.

As new team members came into the picture, the company realized it was paying more and more opex that in just a few years had more than doubled the original capital investment. Yet, the challenges they faced persisted; from increased downtime to produce reports, increased stress unto those that had an idea of the concept, plus IT teams had also started absorbing the stress for the scripts were foreign to many. This was not an easily duplicatable solution.

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It was not until 2014 that they approached Summit Consulting to resolve the problem, following referrals from a number of previous clients. A team of consultants from Summit Business Intelligence Unit, #summitBI were sent to the entity to assess what the problem was and how best they could approach it. All, the issues above were raised which were the foundation of the four-stage roadmap Summit Consulting solutions follow.

The Five-Stage Enterprise Data Analytics Road Map as implemented at the telco company

By the end of the assessment, summitBI earmarked the reasons why they had been struggling as they breached the following rules of implementation of a big data analytics solution;

  1. The solution has to be of high impact in the first phase of implementation
  2. Available professionals should not find it hard to use and should be comfortable with its architecture.

However, these two were not met. The tool was highly valuable but could hardly make an impact to the entire organization. Also, no one was conversant with it and it kept surging operational cost due to training implemented by overseas experts.

#summitBI recognized the availability of an already powerful solution that the organization rarely used. However, at first mention of utilizing MS Excel for business intelligence, the telco executive wasn’t happy. They raised concerns of what they had invested in a few years ago when the trainers of another local consultancy did not meet the demands of the staff. Many companies continue to struggle by sourcing lackluster consultants to train them in utilizing Advanced Excel to solve big data decisions.

Nevertheless, after a mouth-watering presentation of the power of Advanced Excel in leveraging big data analytics, and automating reporting, the EXCO sighed and wondered why it had taken long to approach the firm. They also cited that Summit Consulting was one of their main companies on the list to source training and had overlooked it due to price which wasn’t a relevant factor as they consequently spent a thousand times more implementing sophisticated solutions that were used by just 1% of their firm.

Another aspect they had ignored was embedding their systems to leverage from external sources of data, from macroeconomic impact to data from their competition. During the same period, churn rates had reached an all time high of about 71.3%. This had been ignored as most of their outlook was internal. While reducing downtime for producing reports was implemented, we also ensured they leveraged from the real fruits of big data technologies.

While many under look the ability of MS Excel to process big amounts of data in a short spec of time, we utilize the tools that are available by embedding summitBI plugins to ensure the application is a good and even better than advanced big data technologies that many have opted for.

How they have leveraged from big data analytics

For Summit Consulting, we ensure our clients are satisfied with our solutions as we give them constant checks and earmark bugs and improvements where need be. However, in this time the telco has been so impressed that we were only called in to update the application after they sourced new machines. They recently recorded a profit after tax gain of more than 40% year on year with more than 70% reduction in cost to income reported in their financials.

This is one of many firms that have leveraged from the power of big data analytics for telco companies.

A number of benefits have been raised from different departments that have utilized summitBI solutions to improve their telco spectrum;

This and more. Be part of the growing big data analytics leveraging industry and beat your competition to pulp.  We always ensure we leave our clients yarning for more with our cost-efficient business intelligence solutions. There is no system we cannot connect to in your organization to help you make use of advanced telecom analytics.

To request for a demo, visit us at summitcl.com/summitBI. Also, contact us at [email protected]. Don’t be left out.

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