Unlocking the value of data analytics for improved operational efficiency for manufacturers

What does it mean to be a data-driven manufacturing enterprise? How do you turn your data into a product to win with your customers and improve back-office operations by at least over 25%? The competitive pressures in the steel manufacturing sector are being rewritten. To win, you must urgently shape the future of your business instead of reacting to it. You must set capabilities for data analytics as the differentiator edge to improve operational efficiency.

In today’s dynamic business context, as a manufacturer, you must leverage data analytics to have better visibility and data-driven insights into your customer dynamics, operational optimization, factory up-time scheduling and staff productivity. The future of manufacturing is digital by leveraging data and artificial intelligence to enhance collaboration and decision making.

The summitBI data analytics training will empower your staff to unlock the value currently hidden in the data you collect and store for instant productivity gains and business growth. Winning in the present is already challenging. But the more complex task is how do you win in the future? How do you improve operational efficiency to reduce costs? For a custom training to your staff, call our training coordinator Godfrey Ssenyonjo on +256 775845691 or email support@summitcl.com Visit https://www.summitcl.com/ubr20-download/  to download the summitBI Uganda Banking sector report 2020.

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