Way of The Guerrilla Marketing For New Leads, Higher Sales Conversion And Client Retention

Are you worried about high expenditure amid stagnating or declining revenue?

How many strikers (sales team or business development staff) are in your organisation? To grow, you need them to close sales. This means you must put more effort on marketing and sales in order to stand out and increase the topline.

Is your sales team or Agents telling you stories or bringing closed sales deals on the table?

Whether you are an NGO who needs to transform your staff thinking into astute sales warriors or a bank looking at increasing loans and new accounts, our #WayOfTheGuerilla Marketing Toolkit training will transform your business and bring money into YOUR bank account.

The WayOfTheGuerrilla marketing and sales training provides practical tools to help unlock your business to sell more on a shoe string budget. This Course will help you and your sales people pick up all the sales and profits most agents and salespeople leave on the table.

  1. Are you happy with your current sales?
  2. Do you sometimes think your conversion rates are lower than your leads?
  3. Are your staff giving you more excuses for low lead conversion rates?
  4. Are you optimizing the power of the Internet to make more sales?
  5. Are your sales people incessantly calling/ emailing prospects and inconveniencing them instead of being called back to close the sale?
  6. Are worried about low client retention?

It does not matter your current job description or kind of business, if you are unable to generate new sales, you are in a wrong business. Any business is about generating new clients and keeping old ones. In this training, we will discuss proven strategies to get new customers even on a shoe string budget. After all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to sale!

Stories do not pay bill, great sales staff do. This training is ideal for executives and top managers as well to transform their thinking to grow the top line. A sale by the director or top manager is a bigger sale!

To get a sneak peek into the course program, download a free #WayofTheGuerrilla introductory talk, here. It is worth US $150, grab it for free today.

Click here to register for our upcoming training on “The Way of Guerrilla Sales”

Download the Way of The Guerrilla Sales introductory presentation, Training Brochure and booking form below

The Way of The Guerrilla Sales introductory presentation
Way of The Guerrilla training Course Brochure
The Way of the Guerrilla booking form




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