Well done Sir Alexander. Ferguson

It feels good to support a team that win trophies. My journey with Man U has been a rewarding one. To win, laugh, and take the cup home.

Great legacy you have set, Sir Alexander.

You made football lovely for me. The Premiership trophy is fantastic one. You’re special. Though far, your leaderships lessons have helped shape our own career: work as a team. If a player misbehaves, don’t waste time on him. Don’t mind short term failures, focus on the long term.

Man U started the 2012/13 season struggling. We knew it was going to be impossible. Your decision to invite Paul Scholes back was special.

Few leaders are able to see the missing link clearly. And Paul made the team complete. One by one, Man U began winning the games. It is a wonderful feeling for your team to win critical matches. It is an exceptional feeling to make that come back in a match. It is even more special when the come back is made in injury time.

Have a wonderful retirement, Sir Alex.

For more information about Sir Alex, visit http://www.biography.com/people/alex-ferguson-9293262 and http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/the-life-and-career-of-retiring-manchester-united-manager-sir-alex-ferguson/story-fndkzvnd-1226637875979

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