What are you running for?

To win any race, you must first qualify and take part in the competition. No one wins a race without taking part. By far, long-distance running is the best test for resilience. I used to run marathons while in primary, and I would win races. However, I never got a decent position at district level competitions to progress.

Since no one goes wrong with academics, I decided to focus on books.

Several years later, after making some money, of course, I discovered my lifestyle was exposing me to preventable diseases. The doctor told me that my body mass index (MBI), was heading the wrong way and that I needed to do something. “Make daily running for at least 30 minutes or until you break a sweat your friend,” the medical doctor told me. I started running and I have never looked back.

With too much running comes some fatigue, muscle pulls and pains. However, when you are running for something big (purpose to reduce the BMI), you cannot give up. You continue running. And that has been my story. I try to run a minimum of 5 kilometres every single day, without fail for at least four days a week. That is a cool 20 km weekly.

Some runs are tougher than others.

The one of today 23rd October 2021 was tougher.  Just as I left home, it started raining. I stayed the course. Then I felt a sharp pain in my knee. Being a Saturday, I had a target of making10 km and nothing was going to stop me from running that distance. When you still have options and just think about a challenge, it appears insurmountable. However, once the challenge knocks at the door, the only option is to confront it. You usually make it.

Each one of us has many runs we must make. Regardless of your run, remember why you are running. If it is just for passing time, you will not consistently do it.

Define why you run and the journey will be swift despite lots of obstacles and challenges along the way.

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