What is the bullseye for your business?

The bullseye is the Centre of a shooting target.  The role of the leader or the chief executive officer is to identify the target. The role of the managers is to gather the bows and arrows. And thereafter shooting.

What is your business scorecard? What are the top three things you must accomplish monthly to achieve your five-year business objectives?

Get your key team members in the room. Give each one of them a piece of paper. Ask them to write down the top three things that they think the company or organization must accomplish before the year end.

Review the items and generate the top five business objectives stating clearly quantifiable targets, how to measure, measurement indicators, timing and the person responsible.

Ask each responsible person to draft a workplan on how they will accomplish their assigned targets. Empower them with the systems and capabilities needed. Monitor performance through regular meetings and reports.

That is the art of focusing on results.


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