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Running a company is like managing a football club.

You must identify the best people and place them in the right positions. A football club key scorecard is winning championships or league titles or cups. To do so, football clubs have a clear structure to identify, nurture, train and manage people.

The main product of a football club is the first eleven (11) football team; and the reserve players. The football leadership team, headed by the Head Coach is responsible for identifying the best players and their ideal positions.

If the Coach switches positions of the striker and goal keeper, the chances of the team winning the match are low. Imagine the Goal Keeper, position number 1, is made to play in the Striker position, number 9. The Keeper may be given the red card in the short time as they are likely to keep stopping the ball by hand. On the other hand, the striker in the goal will not catch the ball but instead play it out. The risk of conceding many goals is high.

The same applies to the business.

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Take time and understand strategic human resources deployment matrix – the staff based on their qualifications and performance, where can they work based. If someone has great analytical skills and they are good at data processing, why put them to work as tellers?

In my years of corporate transformations, I have learnt that you can easily transform a loss-making business to a profitable one overnight by just understanding the staff skills, competencies and experience and putting them in positions where they deliver the maximum possible results. When you align a staff skills, experience and position with passion, results start happening instantly. That is the secret of great leadership.


As a leader, put more effort is aligning your staff capabilities to their appropriate positions in your structure. You can transform your productivity by more than 40% within a month by making such major changes.

Don’t take long to make changes.

Before you take people for motivational talks, first ask: are they in the right place.


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