What value do you bring on the table?

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Do you know that everyday you go to work; the company is spending money? As a good employee, conduct a daily reality check: what is the cost the business makes because it gave you a job? And how much revenue do you bring on the table? If you did not come to work today, how much loss or gain would the company?

The objective of any business is to make money and save costs or both. When you get a job, you need to study your job description or scorecard carefully to understand where to you fall. Are you in the revenue side or cost side?

How to make impact in your company

If you are on the cost side, you are responsible for reducing costs or making investments that bring the highest return on investment. If you are in finance, take your personal initiative to undertake investment appraisals, new ideas, and any innovations to grow the business. Make a clear report providing an analysis of different opportunities available in terms of initial investment, monthly revenue potential, and provide analysis of the Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), Pay Back Period (PBP) and of course social impact investments and the benefits to the business for the long term.

If you work in finance or management accounting and provide just one well analyzed idea or business opportunity is music to any chief executive officer or director or head of department. Give them the idea, whether they reply or not, just keep sending the same idea to all executive committee (EXCO) will get you noticed.

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The secret to success is in consistency. Keep doing it.

If you are in the revenue side of the business, focus on growing revenue. Use the #WayoftheGuerrilla marketing strategies that require, time, focus and imagination to make it happen. Any one can spend money. If say, a bank has a marketing budget of Ugx. 100,000,000. Any one can spend this money. There is no brilliance in that. All one can do is approach marketing agencies or branding companies and ask for a proposal on how to spend Ugx. 100m! And you will get the normal way of spending marketing like radio, TV, newspaper advertising and or field activations of the brand assuming you want to get the low-end segment involved.

However, the best marketing professional will focus on selling – the outcome of marketing effort. Why do companies undertake marketing campaigns?

Great, you answered right: to create brand visibility and top of mind positioning of your brand. I will ask you again, after brand visibility so what? The bottom line of any marketing effort is bringing money on the table. How do you bring the most revenue using a very small budget?

Write a clear proposal with demonstrable return on investment.




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