Why do change initiatives fail?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our strategies and plans forever. Life has been disrupted. So have our business models and strategic imperatives to win. But how do you lead change during times like these?

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Regardless of your business, Table 1 is a simple template to help you record change initiatives. Just copy and paste in Microsoft Office word document and create a clear record and details of planned changes being experienced in your organization. It does not matter the size of the company or organization you lead, what matters is having some form of change items to be expected, and the participation required from the team. That way, you remove anxiety, rumours, and lies. You don’t want some of your staff to get afraid and worried about the possible loss of their jobs yet they are critical staff that should be further engaged to drive the recovery strategy.

Table 1: change initiatives table


One of the reasons why change initiatives fail is the inability of the change champions and company leaders to provide clarity of the need for change, the impact of the suggested changes, and the anticipated results of the change effort.

Imagine asking people to board a car. Blindfolding them and driving them in total darkness. No passenger would enjoy, let alone continue with you on such a journey willingly. Only kidnapped people or people being coerced can stay with you in the car.

That is what happens when top executives and managers do not properly communicate change initiatives and keep people worried, afraid, and guessing.

If you want to lead confidently during this pandemic, communicate. Draw up a clear change initiatives plan and tell all those concerned so that they are fully aware of what is coming next.

Download the Free Template Here

#Staysafe. Avoid crowds. Wear a genuine mask. And wash your hands frequently.

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